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Opa Locka talent talks about Nine9 service


Hello! My name is Jasmine, I recently became a member of Nine9 and it has been a dream come true. The company as one is very welcoming and open hearted to everyone. I was beyond nervous at first but after my first interview, I fell instantly in love with the company and couldn’t wait to get started. I love their passion and willingness to help get me to where i want to be with my dreams. I plan to be on magazines covers, billboards, and so much more. And with the help of Nine9 and me giving every assignment and opportunity my all; I’ll fulfill these dreams in no time. Now, I look forward to a very successful journey and great work experience with Nine9. Thanks again Nine9, I don’t think I could ever thank you guys enough!

Atlanta talent talks about casting calls!


Nine9 has been one of the best things to happen to me since I moved from California last August. So far, I have been a featured extra in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, an extra in Jennifer Aniston’s Office Christmas Party, as well as a featured extra in the TV series Maid to Order – this all in the span of one week. The advice, guidance, and support I’ve received from Nine9 has been invaluable, and I highly recommend them to anyone just starting out as I am. Thank you so very much!

DC mom shares experience with Nine9!

“I originally signed up with Nine9 because I was tired of the callous and cold feel of the former agency that represented me. They would never answer my questions, never had substantial local jobs, made me feel small and it became frustratingly apparent that my business meant nothing to them. Once I met the staff at Nine 9, I just took the leap and signed up both myself and my 7-year-old, Tyler. Not only was I cast in several productions including Netflix’s House of Cards, but my son Tyler booked his very first commercial as the lead youth for an Under Armour /Port Covington campaign. All this happened within 2 months of us working with Nine 9. It’s amazing! Our Castings Department rep Victoria is the epitome of an absolute professional, answers all our questions and although we know she works with tons of other talent, she makes us feel as though it is personal and that makes all the difference. For my son Tyler’s recent shoot, he was treated like a little star, received free apparel and a very healthy pay/commission. He worked with a camera crew of about 10 people and even got the opportunity to fly a small drone camera after he wrapped. I could not have asked for a better organization to work with. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU GUYS AND DOLLS AT NINE 9!”

Michigan talent lets us know how she’s doing!

“Hi everyone.My name is Mary Jean Talent 79956. I had been in NINE9 since 2013. My journey was very challenging but its worth it. I had been in couple movies in Michigan and Warner Bros movie acting in four scenes one time. It was a great experience to me. I did lots of photo shoots as model and did Runway modeling recently. I love singing, acting, dancing, modeling and writing poem/song. Right now I am looking forward to my upcoming Runway modeling through Fundraising. Guess what? I am proud to be one of the Pageant competitor next couple months for women. I worked hard on anything just to live with my dreams and thank you NINE9 because without you; I would have been reach this far.”

Chicago talent shares nine9 experience!

Hi, my name is Matthew Lynch I was given an amazing opportunity working with Gatorade through Nine9. The producer, Raphye, was great! All of the photographers were awesome as well. I loved playing football and hockey at the shoot, we also worked out and they had a drone fly by me everywhere I went… it was definitely an experience of a lifetime doing that for my first shoot and I will never forget it! I love working with Nine9! It’s really nice with me having such a busy schedule. I found out about Nine9 because of my brother… he convinced me to go because I have always had a long passion for this line of work I’m so glad I have gotten this opportunity!

Miami talent shares experience with Nine9

Overall my experiences have been excellent and I have appreciated requests being brought to my attention from Nine9 for casting calls that closely match my background and experiences.

I have been working with your company for over two years and have had a consistent flow of casting notices and confirmations for film, television and most recently, commercials. My most recent and what I consider a significant casting was for a nation wide commercial with ACE Hardware. After having been notified about this opportunity through Nine9, I completed a self submit form, scheduled a Skype interview with the casting agency rep in LA, CA and, was later notified that I had been cast in this commercial. There were at least several hundred people considered for this principal role as a “customer”. It was a speaking role. There were four of us in the morning shoot doing different film segments with the store “associate”. There were two other “customers” scheduled to come in during the afternoon. There was also a day of shooting on Monday. I assume they will develop a number of commercials from these segments. We got paid a flat rate for the shoot. If any of our segments are aired on TV or the Internet, we will receive a bonus.

Two days later, I completed a full day of shooting with the Showtime series “Shameless”. My role was that of a College Faculty person. This same week I got a confirmation that I have two days scheduled to shoot with the Fox series “Empire” during the first week in January 2016. December has been a fun and exciting and fun time for me so far. Earlier this year (in March), I was cast in the Chicago Fire episode (S3EP19) titled “I am the Apocalypse”. I was on set for four days and my role was an ER doctor after an explosion in the ER. There were five different scenes with an appearance in each. I was then cast (in Sept) for the first episode and Premiere with Chicago Med (S1EP01) titled “Derailed” where my role was an ICU doctor.

Thank you Nine9 and, I wish for all of us to have a great 2016!

Testimonial from one of our Michigan talent

Eylssa is one of our talent that came into our Detroit office last summer. Since joining our team in August she’s been consistently booking work in both modeling and acting and keeping very busy expanding her portfolio and resume. Check out what she had to say below!

“I have had a great experience with Nine9! I get casting calls almost every day, I have met a couple producers been in 2 music videos, one for Star Dancer and the other called Welcome to My World. Recently I was cast for a TV show on E! Network! They flew me out to LA for two days and Nine9 had an agent keep in contact with me through the whole process! Everyone is always super nice and helpful! Thank you Nine9!”

Detroit talent James Hultz shares his Nine9 journey

I love being a talent with Nine9 The UnAgency since 2008 and have had so much success. I have been submitted for a ton of work and keep getting requested for different things! I love the versatility Nine9 offers with every genre of the field. I don’t feel limited in just casting calls for models or actors. Literally one of the best ways a person can start their modeling and acting career!

10 Dallas talent requested to audition for NBA photo shoot


The NBA is a professional league that houses some of the best and greatest basketball players in the world. With 30 teams currently in the NBA, the need for promotional model types is high as each team looks for different types of looks to promote their specific and unique brand.

The casting team that contacted our talent were seeking tall males, between the ages of 6’3 and 6’6 for a modeling shoot. All models that were photographed will be featured in various advertisements promoting their respective NBA team!

We are excited to have our Texas talent featured. Keep a lookout for any of our boys being featured in commercials and print ads!