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Samantha’s Road to Success Has Offically Begun!!


Samantha H., Talent # 49763
Samantha H., Talent ID 49763

My name is Samantha. I am 8 years old.  I have been with Nine9 for less then a year now. In this time I have been provided with such great resources to use to succeed in this industry. The Meet and Greets I have attended are wonderful.  Not only did they provide me with valuable information I need, they also opened great doors for me to network with directors, actors, photographers, models and so many other people that work in this industry. I have made such great connections with other kids that want the same things I do.  Nine9 has opened so many doors for me to work, learn and gain experience that I needed. I have auditioned for short films, student films and commercials. I was just in a commercial for Popcorn Indiana in January. I have been able to do some other things to build my resume.  I really love Nine9!! Now I will be working with The Callidus Agency!!!  Thanks to Nine9!!!

Lakeitha H.

Lakeitha H Talent ID 35007

I cannot   thank Nine9 enough for this. I grew up watching tv and telling my parents that thats was i’m going to do, be an actress. Every mintue of the day my parents tried to find things for me and finally last year they found Nine9. I can admit I was nervous at first, but i became confident in myelf. They asked me why do i want to be an actress i answered: “I want to be an actress.  It’s something that makes me happy.  That makes me want to get up another day knowing that today might be that day, and if not then maybe the next day, and the day after that. It’s something that I know I can do, and i can put my trust in it. And to prove that dreams do come true. So when a little kid gets older and say i want to be an actor or actress they can have confidence like me or other people out there. So to this day I thank Nine9 for discovering me, and now i’m ready for the big break. Thank you!

Alphonso S.

Alphonso S., Talent # 112074

WOW! Check out our very own Alphonso on stage this past weekend at WALK, booked by Nine9! We will share his pro photos too when he gets them.

Here is what Alphonso had to say about the event.
“It was AWESOMMMMEEEE!!! 🙂 I did meet a designer that wants me to come to Cleveland in June for major show he does there. I had a chance also to meet Maurielle Lue from Fox 2, she was our host and very kool and down to earth. I did A LOT of networking and met a few designers that I will be working with in the near future. I’m waiting for photographers to edit the ones they took then get them to me. It was a really good show!!!”
Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

This is One Hot Miami Talent


Nancy W Talent # 111072
Nancy W Talent # 111072

I first came to Nine9 when it was Once Source Talent in Miami, Fla. That was July, 2015. Since then I’ve had a photoshoot done by the same office, and the castings are really now starting to pour in – for acting on stage, film, and also commercials.

My first booking was January 13, 2016 filming a movie short for a comedy web series. I was cast in a small speaking part, as one of 8 women waiting for a counselor. It was good experience as an actress and I’m happy to have made that connection. I’d with that production company anytime.

Next was just two days later in Miami, filming a fashion show scene for the popular series, Ballers on HBO. It was a huge day – at least 16 hours of work time, not including travel. I was cast as an extra, among 300 others all attending a fashion show in the story. This was a much bigger scale production, and the age range among the extras was about 20 to 70 I’d say. It was also a good learning experience and I’ve benefitted from that already.

Both of these bookings have increased my confidence along with my skill. I studied drama in college, and from there went on to homeschool a handicapped son, so it’s wonderful to at last be able to purse a career I love.

Young Talent is Launching Towards the Stars

madsTalent 70658 I want to thank Nine9 for everything they have done for me. I have already been a print model for I pad and then this past weekend was an extra in a movie, the best part was when I got there it was a birthday scene and it was my birthday how cool is that. I worked with amazing people and even made new friends who also work with Nine9. I feel that Nine9 and the people they work with are like family. They have been amazing and I believe they can make all my dreams come true. to say thank you to Nine9 just does not seem like enough, YOU ROCK Nine9!

Chicago Talent Works Toward His Dream

Mark G

I was cast as an extra and when I arrived on the set, I was upgraded to a featured extra as a Stewart on the set of an indie film that filmed in Lockport, IL.  I will have a credit in the film now! I recently auditioned for a commercial and was cast as the lead character with a lot of face time on camera. We filmed the weekend of January 21 and 22 in the snow and cold at mostly outdoor Chicago locations. We have wrapped that project. Ah, the price of fame – Also, a nice surprise was that this was a ‘no pay job,’ but they received funding and we did get a paycheck of $100.00!  I recently auditioned for a student film at Flashpoint Academy in Chicago.  So some words of wisdom to take to heart-Take every opportunity you are given – you never know what it could bring you.  Thank you Nine9!

Georgia Talent Shares Experiences


I signed up with Nine9 and less than a week MACY’S wanted to book me for a commercial. Then, a month later I got booked for the #1 show on HBO, BALLERS starring Dwayne Johnson. On set I got selected out of a crowd of 300 people by the director himself to feature as one of the football players entourage. From that point, they selected me for a close up shot with Dwayne Johnson and one of the Pro Ball players on set! The pay was great and I received an experience that will leave a lasting impression thanks to NIne9! Even the staff at Nine9 are nice, friendly, and serious about their jobs! They push very hard to make sure that their talent scouts are getting every opportunity there is out there!

Thanks again Nine9!

Mary Shares Experience


I’ve been looking to get into modeling for so long that I figured I got too old to do it anymore. Agency after agency said no. I knew I wasn’t the typical model type but I would see girls on tv on ads that I thought I was just as talented as so I kept looking. I found Nine9 and they were so sweet and told me that if I were willing to invest in my own marketing material they would gladly have me. I was so excited and it paid off. I got to participate in a photo shoot and did a shoot for an online t-shirt company. I got to wear all these cool t-shirts and I even got paid, They gave me a couple of my favorite shirts too. Thanks to everyone at Nine9 and can’t wait to see what’s next.

San Francisco Talent’s Nine9 Review


Nine9 the Unagency is amazing!! I am apart of their casting agency right now!! I have had the pleasure of working with them since December 2015. Before then I went in for an audition a few months earlier and got invited to do a second audition over the phone. When speaking with them, I was unaware of what direction I needed to head in because of school and working for myself as an Independent Contractor in Acting. Nine9 was very understanding and gave me the open invitation to contact them whenever I felt ready to move forward. In December of last year, I received an email and a phone call setting up my new account and 3rd appointment with Nine9. I was so excited and still am. They are very helpful and understanding. I have been offered so many auditions in booming markets like LA and Miami. I have had the pleasure of working on major television shows. The head shot they took in their SF office has saved me when the ones I had done were just not enough for some agencies. The website is so fun and easy to use. They featured my success story on their website as one of their talents. Nine9 work’s wonders and I would recommend them to anyone who needs that extra step in their modeling or acting career !!