Monthly Archives: June 2016

Ja’lee is Getting a Jump Start on Her Dreams

Ja’lee S., Talent ID 119164

Ja’lee-Rosemarie has been with Nine9 for a couple of months and her experience with you guys has been wonderful! She was requested for a photo shoot for the New York Doll Collection to model with the dolls and also the doll accessories. Her experience was absolutely amazing and she had a blast working with the dolls. Thank you Nine9, we rate you with 5 stars. You guys are the best!

Thank you Ja’lee!  We look forward to watching your progress!

Check out her Comp Card here.


Dramane is Fulfilling his Dream!

Dramane K., Talent ID 99196

Hi, I have been with talent for about 2 months now and after just a month, I got a photo shoot with pharmaceutical ad shoot it was very nice and I really loved it. thank you Nine9 and i can’t wait for more and more opportunities to follow my dream!

You are, very welcome Dramane!  We are so excited to be working with you and want all the best for you!

Check out his Comp Card here.

Raya Moved Her Dreams From Houston to LA


Raya H., Talent ID 98608

I have been with Nine9 for a few years now and their resources, classes and connections have really helped further my acting career. I have booked a commercial, been an extra many times and landed a lead in an independent film. I moved from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California and the first class I took in the LA office was a Q&A with an agent. It help a tremendous amount!! It is such a great platform to send to agencies because everything they need to know about me is in one easy location. The representatives at Nine9 are super nice and helpful and always answer my questions right away. I can’t wait to book more gigs in LA!

View her Comp Card here.

Congratulations To This Hot Atlanta Talent!!

Jonesha A., Talent ID 121390

I have recently booked my first official Fashion Show! All thanks to Nine9 and the helpful people working hard behind the scenes! Going into the mass audition I definitely was skeptical. I have worked with agencies in the past that promote a great image but Nine9 lives up to it. There isn’t better place for me, at this stage in my career! i have now set higher goal for my self and understand that with a team like Nine9 behind me, I will succeed. Walk University, the fashion Show I will open in, is full of great and passionate instructors geared to mold me into the top performer I’m meant to be. I enjoy the people and the challenge of being the ‘flyest’ model they have ever seen! Although I’m not where i want to be, the best is always yet to come! Thank you Nine9

She May Be the Biggest Star in Texas

Salma S., Ialent ID 66035

I have been very happy with my experience with Nine9! I have been on several auditions and last year I was cast in my first professional production of A Christmas Carol. I was cast as Ignorance/A Cider Child/and an Angel. I was an extra in the movie Red All Over. I was requested for a photo-shoot for a magazine and currently I am in the production of Les Miserables at the Wyly Theater in Dallas! I have tried a couple of talent agencies in the area in the past but have not had as much success as I have with Nine9. I am excited to see what is in store for me next. Thank you!


Taylor is Making It Happen

Taylor H., Talent ID 87370

After being with Nine9 for about a year I finally got involved in a Redken and Pureology Hair Show. It was definitely a whole lot of fun and I would do it all again especially with the group of people I met. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in Nine9. Never give up on your dreams no matter how big they are because you can pursue them and make them a reality! Thank you Nine9!!!

This Talent is Going to be Bigger Than Texas!

Derrick G., Talent ID 85740

Since I have been with Nine9 I’ve been signed to be a permanent model, I did a Reebok commercial shoot, community outreach photo-shoot, a food drive commercial shoot, I was the host for a hit TV show, I was featured in the Texas magazine as the Texas cutest kid for Christmas, I took part in a short film, and I was chosen to do a photo shoot for a kid’s clothing line in LA in July 2016. I’ve taken part in numerous auditions this month for hit TV shows and movies. I’m so blessed to be with Nine9.

This Wonderful Talent is Working Her Magic!

Sonia M., Talent ID 74264

Hi everyone! I have only been with Nine9 for a few months but I have already experienced so much! I had a blast at my photo shoot and the Meet and Greets are awesome. I experienced my very first audition this past weekend for Cinderella – A Disco Fairy Tale at The Red Door Theater Company and I got the role of Turquoisa! Thank you so much, Nine9, for these incredible opportunities!

One Amazing Star on the Rise

Arabella G., Talent ID 92353

I’m excited to be a part of Nine9. I have always liked modeling and acting and want to thank Nine9 for opening many doors for me. I may be only 7 years old but my experience is beyond my years. I started out walking in a few shows here and there. I recently was chosen to model in WALK which created opportunity in three more designer showcases. I also was chosen to model in Fashion Art & Whimsy, chances I never would have known about if it wasn’t for the amazing efforts from Nine9. All in all, with the support of my family and the UnAgency, I have walked in ten shows and counting. But, that’s not all of my talents. I opened a show singing, starred in four small plays, and was cast to film a TV series and film in the summer of 2016. I am truly blessed to have been given these chances and to have the love of my family with me every step of the way. Thank you Nine9 for helping me achieve my dreams!

This Talent is Making it Work For Herself!

Katrina R., Talent ID 104916

I’ve been with Nine9 for a little over a month now and I can’t even begin to talk about all the great things. Thanks to Nine9 I have worked on Halt and Catch fire three times, Booked a three day gig for the new Spider-man movie as well as some awesome auditions for lead roles in short films. I get at least 3 jobs a week thanks to Nine9 and I am on my way to turning my passion for acting into a career!