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Emily G., Talent ID 107380

My names is Emily Garrett and before my signing with Nine9 I was with an agency that had more clients than they could handle. With Nine9, I feel like I always have somewhere to turn. I just finished filming “Colossal Youth” as an Extra on set with some very notable actors; it was a great experience! Since then, I’ve been getting many more callbacks, auditions and castings. Thanks for everything!

We are so glad to hear this Emily and we couldn’t be happier!!!

See Emily’s Comp Card here.

Ashley Is Beginning to Live Her Dream!

Ashley H., Talent ID 118883

I have been working with Nine9 since February 2016. I did not know what to expect at first but fortunately I have a great support team in Dallas. Ever since joining Nine9 I have received so many emails and opportunities to be featured in many events and get exposure. My most favorite event I did was for the Beautiful You Fashion Tour in Dallas and Houston…  Thank you Nine9 for the best opportunity to make my dreams come true in this industry!

We could not be more excited for you Ashley!

See her Comp Card here.

Lashndra From Georgia Share Some Experience

Lashandra Talent ID # 120423

Lashandra was recently invited to be a part of the ‘Beautiful You Fashion Tour’  and this is what she had to say:

“I enjoyed this experience. It was my first time doing runway modeling and I thought I’d be timid and uncomfortable. Not only was I super comfortable, I nailed it! I’m looking forward to more opportunities like this. I found a “new love” thanks to Nine9″

Thank you Lausndra for sharing you wonderful experience with us!

See her Comp Card here.

Another Success Story From the DC Area

Claudette M., Talent ID 121881

“I am extremely happy to share my story since i became a member of 9.  I landed a part as an extra on the short film” Billie Holiday returns”. I am presently in training for the green ribbon fashion show with Trendz & Tressez.. Its been an great  experience and my journey is only 2 months old.”

We are so excited to be a part of your journey and cannot wait to see what is in store tfor you next!

See Claudette’s Comp Card here.

William B., From DC Lands Role On Adrian Grenier Project


William B., Talent ID 113356

The new Adrian Grenier project follow the life of a presidential aid who ends up having a affair with the First Lady to-be.

William B. shot a scene for a political dinner party wearing a fancy lavender suit and had a great time on set. He let us know his day was just under 10 hours and he  enjoyed working with the crew and other cast on set.

Congratulations to you William!  See his Comp Card here.

Moranda Gets BIG SHOT With Steve Harvey

Moranda F., Talent ID 121396

15-year-old South Carolina talent, Moranda Floyd was booked for Season 2 of NBC’s Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey. The comedy-variety series from executive producers, Harvey, Ellen DeGeneres, Jeff Kleeman and Geral Washington showcases young talent with extraordinary abilities. Musicians, dancers, singers, and other incredible acts of all kinds have enjoyed international attention as the comedic Harvey interviews them and brings their talent to center stage.

The producers were seeking kid entrepreneurs, brainiacs, inventors, subject matter 
experts and “wunderkind”  from all areas of the nation for Season 2.
Congratulations to Moranda!!
View her Comp Card here.


We would like to extend a special congratulations to C’airra from Shreveport, LA.  She was recently cast in MTV’s Scream.  The role is for two episodes and she was kind enough to let us know what her experience was like:

“I played a student on set. It was a good learning experience and funny to get paid to be a student when I really am one. Everyone on set was really nice.”

Thank you so much C’iarra!  We couldn’t be happier for you!

See C’iarra’s Comp Card here.

This Southern Belle is Making a Boom!

Kendall P., Talent ID 109966


Two weeks ago, I had a booking in the Premiere Beauty Convention for Alterna Haircare. This week I have been lucky enough to be considered for a role in the independent film “Middle School”. I enjoyed working at the beauty convention and I look forward to finding out more about the upcoming movie role! Thanks Nine9!

We are so excited for you Kendall!  Keep the good news coming!

See Kendall’s Comp Card here.

Andre Is Making His Dreams Come True

Andre B., Talent ID 115618

I am very happy to be a part of the Nine 9 family! Before joining Nine 9 I was enrolled in other agencies that were not really not helping further my acting career. Since I’ve joined Nine 9, I’ve been an Extra in the TV shows Chicago PD and Chicago Fire numerous times, done voice-over work for language software that’s featured in Japan, and have gotten numerous speaking roles in student, independent and short films. My latest venture found me featured in an Ace Hardware Commercial. In 6 days the commercial has 13k views on YouTube! So exciting. Thank you Nine 9 for helping me with my dream!

Your welcome Andre!  see his Comp Card here.

This Atlanta Talent is Well on His Way to Stardom

joshua-d-Nine9- testimonial
Joshua D., Talent ID 119479

I have taken acting and modeling classes over the years. In these courses I’ve learned how to become a better actor by training on how to read scripts and embrace my emotions. I’ve acted in some YouTube videos where I practice to become a better actor I have my own YouTube channel where I write, produce, and direct my own scripts. I will be releasing my first YouTube series in April. I’ve also gone to a few model work shops where I learned about runway modeling and some basic information about modeling, such as; the different types of modeling and how to become picture ready. I think by taking these courses I learned a lot that will help me in the entertainment industry in the long run. I will continue to learn as much as I can learn about acting and modeling.

We are  so excited to be working with you Joshua and cannot wait to see where your career will take you!