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Cecil Was Cast For ‘Office Christmas Party’

Cecil Talent ID 121816

Yes, I was booked for Office Christmas Party and I was cast as a Party Crasher.  I was in quite a few scenes as the director and set director placed a giant sizes Frosty-the- Snowman hat upon me and I became a bit of focal point in many scenes and was asked to be in different shots during filming.

The scenes were called “stage 4 debauchery”…everything and anything goes…it was a way out of control party and partying scenes and I was asked to be in all of them.

You can see Cecil’s comp card here.

Raysa Tells Us About What It’s Like To Be A Zombie

Raysa N., Talent ID 122661
Raysa N., Talent ID 122661

“Hello, I was booked for the zombie extra . it was a great experience. I met a lot of interesting people . the director and producers were really nice. And when it came down to filming we did a lot of sprinting in the Brooklyn Park. I enjoyed my time being part of something that was fun and exciting I hope to do it again.”

You can see Raysa’s comp card here.

Zee from Boston, MA Shares Her Story

Zee Talent ID 126719

“I am so very happy to be with Nine9 the UnAgency in Boston MA. I receive working opportunities on a weekly basis, and I am Happy to say that I have been booked for Musical (Big Fish the Musical) . Thank You Nine9 for helping to make only a DREAM become REALITY. I look forward to doing much more. Again, I say THANK YOU!! Love To ALL”

You can see Zee’s comp card here.


John Shares Some Words Of Encouragemant

John M., Talent ID 126848

Nine9 is the best thing that ever happened in my life it’s where I can go find wanted talent around the world and have fun and be myself when I was little other kids were taller than me they would call me shrimp or small fry but I told them wait and see I’ll be bigger than you so as life kept going i couldn’t find a way to make them see until I started dancing and now we are all best friends and I wanna keep dancing just to show a lot of other people that there’s a light at the end of the forest and just cause your small doesn’t mean you can’t do big things.”

The Detroit Talent Has Landed A Role In An Indie Film

Porshe H., Talent ID 120363
Porshe H., Talent ID 120363

“Hello my name is Porsche and i am from Detroit, mi and i had the opportunity to play an extra in a workout scene for the movie Fatal Brew that will be aired in Michigan. I had the opportunity to meet some great actors. One of the experiences I’ve had. I also had an offer to attend a fashion show but wasn’t able to make it! I am looking forward to seeing what else Nine9 has in store for my career.”

You can see Porsche’s comp card here.