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Arrelya Expresses The Necessary Positive Attitude

Arrelya P., Talent ID 126528
Arrelya P., Talent ID 126528

I had a casting call to a short film called weapons are every where at the Art center in Dallas. I went to the audition and tried out for the part. I did not get the part but I was okay with that cause I have been trained that I will probably get a lot of no’s before I will get a yes. But I have learned not to be discourage and never to give up. I am a hard worker and I will continue to  submit to the casting calling and continue to strive for excellence. I will get a YES!!!!!!!

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Sherita Check In From The Set

Sherita B., Talent ID 115709
Sherita B., Talent ID 115709

“My experience with the casting process of the Atlanta Series was awesome. I really enjoyed the fact that everyone had an idea of what they wanted from the extras.  They all knew what they wanted everyone to look like in wardrobe and they even did everyone’s hair and makeup. They had breakfast and lunch for everyone as well and everyone was treated nice.”

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Nikia Tells Us About Being On A Music Video

Nikia D., Talent ID 120995
Nikia D., Talent ID 120995

“Hey I’m Nikia Davis I went to the video shoot Monday it was very fun, everyone was nice Lucci is very sweet and I hope I get to work with him again soon.  The experience I had with the casting was crazy but exciting and that was my first big music video.  My role in the video was a girl that danced next to the artist music that was really fun I already like Lucci and Migos’ music.   I really enjoyed networking with new people; the lady that directed the models was very beautiful and sweet.  I enjoyed everything I hope to get to work with them again. ”

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Dieunoosha Shares Some Kind Words

Dieunoosha B., Talent ID  107137
Dieunoosha B., Talent ID 107137

“Hi everyone my name is Dieunoosha Brave and I have been given a great opportunity because of Nine9 my life has changed completely. I started from a Ordinary Girl to a girl who has been known and destined for greatness I am so happy that Nine9 has been there for me they are like a family to me. I have received a lot of castings and auditions and all of these great things I am so grateful to have Nine9 a very helpful company help me fulfill my dreams.”

You can see Dieunoosha’s comp card here.