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David Shares His Nine9 Experience

David E., Talent ID 126309

“Hello I am David Espinoza. I have always wanted to act to see the other side of the stage, NINE9 helped me do that. I was able to get a small very small part in a play, I went to a photo shoot casting call for hair and thru that casting I did not make the cut but I met another company looking for someone like me. I am over 40, average and the took pictures of hair style and beard color before and after because of the grey i have. I was able to do what i wanted cross off a bucket list ITEM. It is a lot of hard work and determination but the two events in my life happened within 4 months of my membership. I am happy and since I am canceling my membership i just want to say THANK YOU NINE9!”

-Thanks David Espinoza

See his Nine9 comp card here.