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Brought to you by CoralReef Productions, a company with an enviable track record in the industry since 2003, Nine9 is a new paradigm in the entertainment industry. Nine9 is the perfect platform for people just getting started on a career in the entertainment industry. Whether it is modeling or acting, we have the perfect platform to get you noticed and begin living your dream life. We also work with professionals in the entertainment industry from Casting Directors to Agents and Agencies all around the country to help them fill castings and auditions. What’s more, all this functionality is now available at the click of a button!

Nine9 was conceptualized to work for anyone and everyone. It is a platform which offers the means to get started for the rank beginner as well as for those at the highest echelons of the entertainment business. It is a business built around the concept of giving power to the people, not the opposite. Nine9 makes it as easy as possible to make the right decisions about your career progression but leaves you to decide the how, the when and the why by yourself. With just a few clicks we give you a complete guide to the opportunities opening up in your area and areas you may be travelling to in the future. Our in-depth coverage includes auditions and casting calls for careers in modeling and acting as well as extras.

We are very proud of our anti-establishment credentials as evidenced by our name: Nine9. It is our own unique colloquialism for 99% of people in the entertainment industry who could do with a better deal. This is because only 1% of the talent in the industry at the present has an agent or are working with agencies. The other 99% are either actively looking for an agency or have been rejected by one, often for ridiculous reasons. We are here to provide an alternative to all those would be actors and models who have had the doors shut in their face because they were “too short”, “not fit enough” or who have been told they need to cut their hair. Nine9 is the way to shift the balance of power to the 99% from the 1%. This is not a platitude or marketing drivel, it is what we have been doing for well over a decade today!

Agencies assume too much power when they sign on actors and models. Ostensibly, they justify this level of control on the money they have invested in developing the careers of those signed under their label. As such they will not flinch from telling you how to live your life. They will tell you to cut your hair or stop shaving and will not bat an eyelid dictating where you live and the company you keep.

The most common answer given to people looking to start a career in the entertainment industry is to “find an agency”. Sounds simple and logical, right? The only caveat is that most of the time agencies are not looking to recruit new talent. Or at least those worth signing for aren’t. The key reason behind their success is they have covered every look and character possible. If you think that being 6 foot tall and blonde with blue eyes is something special, they already have someone with exactly that look on their books. Moreover, they can color their hair to turn them brunette if need be or even have them wear contact lenses to change the color of their eyes. The actors or models they have signed already know they can change their looks and appearance for a role and are more then willing to comply. By signing up with these agencies, they commit to invest a lot in developing your career. They will pay professional photographers to have glossy prints to market your image. They will also meet the costs of traveling and accommodation. In case of models and actors who have not attained age of majority this will include paying for a guardian or parent to be around with you when you travel. They keep track of all the spending and hope to recoup it all when you finally make the big breakthrough. This is of course fantastic news but you need to remember that this ideal path to stardom only works for about 1% of people trying to get into modeling, the movies or television industry. Tyra Banks keeps saying you do not have to pay to get into the industry. Of course she can say that as she is part of the 1% who made it. But what of the other 99% who either don’t have the means or are not as lucky to be there at the right time and place? Even Tyra Banks can’t help them. For instance, her America’s Next Top Model show is in its 22nd cycle since it premiered in 2003. In each cycle, Tyra has helped 14 aspiring models showcase their talent and make the break they needed to get started in the industry. That is a total of 308 models and counting. But how many more tried to get in the show but failed?

When it comes to acting, the story is pretty much the same as in the modeling industry. Starting is not easy and there are many more who are doing their best to get noticed. Of course the natural thing is to look for an agency. But unless you live in Los Angeles, finding an agent is well nigh impossible. And even when you find one, there are no guarantees. Many aspiring actors make the journey to LA looking for fame and fortune but it is never easy. Sometimes it takes a year to make the break, sometimes two years. More often than not, most aspiring actors and actresses do not get noticed at all!

If you are part of the 99% trying to use the same beaten path to getting in the entertainment industry, Nine9 is here for you. We understand the hardships you are undergoing as they have been part of our experience as well. We are here to share the tools and information we have put together down the years so you do not have to waste your time and money.


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