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Tondalaya Loves Her Nine9 Experience Right From The Jump!

Tondalaya H., Talent ID 133039

My first and second visit with Bee Sorrell was a breath of fresh air. In her presence, I felt at home and the air of confidence that she had in me. You are born with talent or talent can be taught. She made me think I could storm the entertainment industry or she was a good actor. LoL I am at a point in my life where if you dream it, live it. You only get one life. I hope that Nine9 will live up to its reputation and take me to my greatest. Thank you Bee. I look forward to working with you.

You can see her Nine9 comp card here.

David Shares His Nine9 Experience

David E., Talent ID 126309

“Hello I am David Espinoza. I have always wanted to act to see the other side of the stage, NINE9 helped me do that. I was able to get a small very small part in a play, I went to a photo shoot casting call for hair and thru that casting I did not make the cut but I met another company looking for someone like me. I am over 40, average and the took pictures of hair style and beard color before and after because of the grey i have. I was able to do what i wanted cross off a bucket list ITEM. It is a lot of hard work and determination but the two events in my life happened within 4 months of my membership. I am happy and since I am canceling my membership i just want to say THANK YOU NINE9!”

-Thanks David Espinoza

See his Nine9 comp card here.

Semetra Tells Us About Her Sudden Success

Semetra R., Talent ID 126976
Semetra R., Talent ID 126976

One month after joining Nine9, I received a model call casting for the 2017 Bronner Brothers Hair Show. After being selected for Promo; I had the opportunity to work with Bronner Brothers and will be premiering in their 2017 Hair Show this weekend! I just want to thank Nine9 for providing inspiring models/actors like myself quality information and resources to be successful in this industry. I regret not joining sooner but I am grateful for everything and the support Nine9 has to offer.

Click here to see Semetra’s comp card.

Cali Shares Her Experience With a Nine9 Photographer

Cali C., Talent ID 129083
Cali C., Talent ID 129083

Since joining Nine9 a few months ago, I’ve learned a lot!  The Meet & Greet instructors have been awesome to share their knowledge and experience.  My photo shoot with Greg Daniels was AMAZING!  He and his staff were fantastic.  Now I’m seeing responses to my casting applications.  This is so exciting and I can’t wait to see where it leads.  Thank you Nine9.

Click here to see Cali’s comp card

Atlanta’s Leslie Starts Her New Career Off Strong

Leslie S., Talent ID 128966
Leslie S., Talent ID 128966

“I’ve only been with Nine9 in Atlanta for two months and haven’t even had time to get my professional photos done.  But I’ve already been in two movies, I’ve gotten a call to be an extra on Queen Latifa’s new show Star and my daughter and nephews and I have made it to round 2 of the auditions for Chef Gordon Ramsey’s new cooking show.”

Click here to see Leslie’s comp card.

Evelyn Shares Some Wonderful Advice

Evelyn C., Talent ID 122699
Evelyn C., Talent ID 122699

My experience with Nine9 has been rewarding. Their consistency and wanting to be involved helps motivate myself further. In the beginning, I did have doubts but as time continued on more and more opportunities became available. That’s the work ethic and positivism anyone with a dream needs behind them! I’ve come so far within these last six months and with their help I know I can go further in my career.

You can see Evelyn’s comp card here.


Tara Shares Her Nine9 Experience

Tara C. Talent ID 125551
Tara C. Talent ID 125551

Hey there! I’m Tara Campbell and I signed with NINE9 and absolutely love everything about it! I get casting after casting now that I’m with them! I’m from Ohio but took a visit to the Nine9 location in Miami, Florida and did a photoshoot with them! Shout out to the Miami staff too for being so awesome and a huge thanks to Nine9 and their amazing staff that have been so nice to me since the day I walked in! My dreams became a reality! Thank you so much Nine9!

Click here to see Tara’s comp card

Annette Tells Us About Her Experience Working With Oprah

Annette P., Talent ID 127405
Annette P., Talent ID 127405
I worked from 8:30 to 6 on the set as a parishioner!  It was great.  Met Oprah and Lynn Whitfield.  They were very nice all of the crew and I did not have to go to make up or wardrobe as they were very pleased with my choice I wore.
I was on front row end and they even touched up my hair and make up during the shoot.