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Here is what some Nine9 Actors had to say

Tondalaya Loves Her Nine9 Experience Right From The Jump!

Tondalaya H., Talent ID 133039

My first and second visit with Bee Sorrell was a breath of fresh air. In her presence, I felt at home and the air of confidence that she had in me. You are born with talent or talent can be taught. She made me think I could storm the entertainment industry or she was a good actor. LoL I am at a point in my life where if you dream it, live it. You only get one life. I hope that Nine9 will live up to its reputation and take me to my greatest. Thank you Bee. I look forward to working with you.

You can see her Nine9 comp card here.

David Shares His Nine9 Experience

David E., Talent ID 126309

“Hello I am David Espinoza. I have always wanted to act to see the other side of the stage, NINE9 helped me do that. I was able to get a small very small part in a play, I went to a photo shoot casting call for hair and thru that casting I did not make the cut but I met another company looking for someone like me. I am over 40, average and the took pictures of hair style and beard color before and after because of the grey i have. I was able to do what i wanted cross off a bucket list ITEM. It is a lot of hard work and determination but the two events in my life happened within 4 months of my membership. I am happy and since I am canceling my membership i just want to say THANK YOU NINE9!”

-Thanks David Espinoza

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Annette Tells Us About Her Experience Working With Oprah

Annette P., Talent ID 127405
Annette P., Talent ID 127405
I worked from 8:30 to 6 on the set as a parishioner!  It was great.  Met Oprah and Lynn Whitfield.  They were very nice all of the crew and I did not have to go to make up or wardrobe as they were very pleased with my choice I wore.
I was on front row end and they even touched up my hair and make up during the shoot.


Arrelya Expresses The Necessary Positive Attitude

Arrelya P., Talent ID 126528
Arrelya P., Talent ID 126528

I had a casting call to a short film called weapons are every where at the Art center in Dallas. I went to the audition and tried out for the part. I did not get the part but I was okay with that cause I have been trained that I will probably get a lot of no’s before I will get a yes. But I have learned not to be discourage and never to give up. I am a hard worker and I will continue to  submit to the casting calling and continue to strive for excellence. I will get a YES!!!!!!!

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Sherita Check In From The Set

Sherita B., Talent ID 115709
Sherita B., Talent ID 115709

“My experience with the casting process of the Atlanta Series was awesome. I really enjoyed the fact that everyone had an idea of what they wanted from the extras.  They all knew what they wanted everyone to look like in wardrobe and they even did everyone’s hair and makeup. They had breakfast and lunch for everyone as well and everyone was treated nice.”

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Raysa Tells Us About What It’s Like To Be A Zombie

Raysa N., Talent ID 122661
Raysa N., Talent ID 122661

“Hello, I was booked for the zombie extra . it was a great experience. I met a lot of interesting people . the director and producers were really nice. And when it came down to filming we did a lot of sprinting in the Brooklyn Park. I enjoyed my time being part of something that was fun and exciting I hope to do it again.”

You can see Raysa’s comp card here.

Zee from Boston, MA Shares Her Story

Zee Talent ID 126719

“I am so very happy to be with Nine9 the UnAgency in Boston MA. I receive working opportunities on a weekly basis, and I am Happy to say that I have been booked for Musical (Big Fish the Musical) . Thank You Nine9 for helping to make only a DREAM become REALITY. I look forward to doing much more. Again, I say THANK YOU!! Love To ALL”

You can see Zee’s comp card here.


Candace Has Enjoyed Some Great Success

Candace S., Talent ID  122883
Candace S., Talent ID 122883

“Hi! My name is Candace Shinall. I have been signed up with Nine9,since June 30th, 2016. It has been awesome! I had my photo shoot with JR West that was amazing! Since being with Nine9,I have been booked for the ‘Leisure Seeker movie as a hotel guest, the ‘Vampire Diaries for the ‘Belle Diner’ scene, for the ‘Lucky Logan’ movie as a race fan for the three booking, and now for ‘The Case,’ as a church member! So, since being signed with Nine9, my dream,and goal in becoming an actress is coming true! I thank them that I have been booked,and I am excited about more bookings on the way! It has been an amazing learning and growing experience, and a wonderful opportunity meeting actor, and actresses! I am beyond excited about everything else on the way!”

You can see Candace’s comp card here.