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Here is what some Nine9 Actors had to say

TaShawn Shares Her On Set Experience

Tashawn (Talent ID 68223) on set
Tashawn (Talent ID 68223) on set

“The best day of my life. Oh boy, the energy of 900 Background in one area was so amazing. I enjoyed it to the fullest. I wouldn’t have traded my day yesterday not even for a principle role. The lead actors were so dedicated to giving us their all I just wanted to reciprocate. I got to see so many of my friends since it was such a huge call. So it just felt like a day of fun and leisure.. the best set I have been on thus far. Adam Sandler, Terry Crews and Rahkishi were the most humble actors and directors I have ever encountered thus far on set, they made us all feel very happy to be there and I appreciated with a passion hearing Adam Sandler tell us he couldn’t do this without Background. How nice and he blew a kiss at us, I grabbed it right or of the air and saved it as an encouragement to give my all and do my best so this movie can be a hit just for that primary reason alone!

P.S. I still have the kiss in my pocket tee-hee. Thank you for asking. Have a wonderful day. Off to set today for Grey’s Anatomy.”

TaShawn Moore
Aka. Lady T of DC

Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

You can see Tashawn’s comp card here.

Andre Is Making His Dreams Come True

Andre B., Talent ID 115618

I am very happy to be a part of the Nine 9 family! Before joining Nine 9 I was enrolled in other agencies that were not really not helping further my acting career. Since I’ve joined Nine 9, I’ve been an Extra in the TV shows Chicago PD and Chicago Fire numerous times, done voice-over work for language software that’s featured in Japan, and have gotten numerous speaking roles in student, independent and short films. My latest venture found me featured in an Ace Hardware Commercial. In 6 days the commercial has 13k views on YouTube! So exciting. Thank you Nine 9 for helping me with my dream!

Your welcome Andre!  see his Comp Card here.

This Atlanta Talent is Well on His Way to Stardom

joshua-d-Nine9- testimonial
Joshua D., Talent ID 119479

I have taken acting and modeling classes over the years. In these courses I’ve learned how to become a better actor by training on how to read scripts and embrace my emotions. I’ve acted in some YouTube videos where I practice to become a better actor I have my own YouTube channel where I write, produce, and direct my own scripts. I will be releasing my first YouTube series in April. I’ve also gone to a few model work shops where I learned about runway modeling and some basic information about modeling, such as; the different types of modeling and how to become picture ready. I think by taking these courses I learned a lot that will help me in the entertainment industry in the long run. I will continue to learn as much as I can learn about acting and modeling.

We are  so excited to be working with you Joshua and cannot wait to see where your career will take you!

This Wonderful Talent is Working Her Magic!

Sonia M., Talent ID 74264

Hi everyone! I have only been with Nine9 for a few months but I have already experienced so much! I had a blast at my photo shoot and the Meet and Greets are awesome. I experienced my very first audition this past weekend for Cinderella – A Disco Fairy Tale at The Red Door Theater Company and I got the role of Turquoisa! Thank you so much, Nine9, for these incredible opportunities!

This Talent is Making it Work For Herself!

Katrina R., Talent ID 104916

I’ve been with Nine9 for a little over a month now and I can’t even begin to talk about all the great things. Thanks to Nine9 I have worked on Halt and Catch fire three times, Booked a three day gig for the new Spider-man movie as well as some awesome auditions for lead roles in short films. I get at least 3 jobs a week thanks to Nine9 and I am on my way to turning my passion for acting into a career!

A Month with Nine9 and Cassandra’s Career is Taking Off!!!

Cassandra E., Talent ID 121305

I have been with Nine 9 for a month now. And today 5/27/16, was my first video shoot. I was cast as a model/extra for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Mama Dee music video. This was a great learning experience and it was actually fun despite how nervous I was. I even met and networked at the event. Mama Dee was exactly what I expected, loud, fun and crazy but she was also a sweetheart and she fed the crew. I’m so ready to see what else Nine9 can bring my way!!!

Way to Cassandra!! We couldn’t be more excited for you!!!

Ujvesa in Detroit is Doing What She Loves

Ujvesa B Talent ID 111861

I love acting and modeling and I’m starting to sing (which I never thought I could do).  I’ve done two fashion shows and I have two more coming up.  I’ve also done two short films called “There You Are” and “Winter Ward.”  Shooting for a movie I’m going to be in called “Firework” starts soon.  I am having so much fun doing something I love.  All these wonderful things only started last year.  Nine9 is amazing!  Thank you!!!

This Dallas Talent is Getting her Break!!


Samaria E., Talent ID# 118718

As a person new to acting, I thought it would be very difficult to get booked for castings. However several weeks into being a member on Nine 9, I was booked for multiple episodes of a television show that airs on a national network! This was really one of the first castings I auditioned for.  I never thought that I would be seeing myself on television so quickly. I would not have received this opportunity without Nine 9!

Samantha’s Road to Success Has Offically Begun!!


Samantha H., Talent # 49763
Samantha H., Talent ID 49763

My name is Samantha. I am 8 years old.  I have been with Nine9 for less then a year now. In this time I have been provided with such great resources to use to succeed in this industry. The Meet and Greets I have attended are wonderful.  Not only did they provide me with valuable information I need, they also opened great doors for me to network with directors, actors, photographers, models and so many other people that work in this industry. I have made such great connections with other kids that want the same things I do.  Nine9 has opened so many doors for me to work, learn and gain experience that I needed. I have auditioned for short films, student films and commercials. I was just in a commercial for Popcorn Indiana in January. I have been able to do some other things to build my resume.  I really love Nine9!! Now I will be working with The Callidus Agency!!!  Thanks to Nine9!!!