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Semetra Tells Us About Her Sudden Success

Semetra R., Talent ID 126976
Semetra R., Talent ID 126976

One month after joining Nine9, I received a model call casting for the 2017 Bronner Brothers Hair Show. After being selected for Promo; I had the opportunity to work with Bronner Brothers and will be premiering in their 2017 Hair Show this weekend! I just want to thank Nine9 for providing inspiring models/actors like myself quality information and resources to be successful in this industry. I regret not joining sooner but I am grateful for everything and the support Nine9 has to offer.

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Cecil Was Cast For ‘Office Christmas Party’

Cecil Talent ID 121816

Yes, I was booked for Office Christmas Party and I was cast as a Party Crasher.  I was in quite a few scenes as the director and set director placed a giant sizes Frosty-the- Snowman hat upon me and I became a bit of focal point in many scenes and was asked to be in different shots during filming.

The scenes were called “stage 4 debauchery”…everything and anything goes…it was a way out of control party and partying scenes and I was asked to be in all of them.

You can see Cecil’s comp card here.

The Detroit Talent Has Landed A Role In An Indie Film

Porshe H., Talent ID 120363
Porshe H., Talent ID 120363

“Hello my name is Porsche and i am from Detroit, mi and i had the opportunity to play an extra in a workout scene for the movie Fatal Brew that will be aired in Michigan. I had the opportunity to meet some great actors. One of the experiences I’ve had. I also had an offer to attend a fashion show but wasn’t able to make it! I am looking forward to seeing what else Nine9 has in store for my career.”

You can see Porsche’s comp card here.

Shadis From Dallas Shares Some Kind Words

Shadia A., Talent ID 126522
Shadia A., Talent ID 126522

“Nine9 is very proficient in their services and they are very effective. On a scale of one to ten, ten is an understatement. Though I am new here, I really look forward to joining the agency and representing it everywhere both near and far. My gratitude is endless for the opportunity the agency has given me and for the platform it is helping me to build. Thanks a lot.”

You can see Shadia’s comp card here.

Danica Shares Her Experience Applying With Nine9

Danica P., Talent ID 125630

My names Danica I’m 16 years old, I sent a application to the Unagency looking for a chance to pursue my dreams of a fashion model, less than a week I got a call back from Nine9 and had a over the phone interview, and they told me they wanted to take the next steps forward and I couldn’t have been anymore excited for this company to give me a chance off the bat just like that I’m truly grateful.

You can see Danica’s Comp Card here.

Shelly Shares Her Amazing Runway Experience


“Good afternoon Victoria! Thank you! I had a blast. I believe this show went a lot smoother than the last one. SisSTARloop was in charge of the show. I walked for Lana designer of C’est Ca New York (tulle skirts), Cecilia Ekici (black dress), and Jolie&Jade (jean jacket), and jewelry by pieces NY. I had a blast I had an audition. Got chosen, went back into the sister for a meet and greet with the other models and a few days after had rehearsal with everyone. I attended the Saturday and Sunday shows. It was a lot of fun and I felt way more confident in this show than the last. I was just contacted for another show I will be going to auditions next Friday night. ☺️ ”

You can see Shelly’s comp card here.

An Amazing Story From an Amazing Lady

Angelika  Talent ID 122746
Angelika Talent ID 122746

“I am awesomely surprised and impressed! I signed up with NINE9 less than 3 weeks ago and today I received my first booking for a scene on a major Netflix series!! The D.C. office has an amazing staff – Jennifer Chavez reassured me that there IS a place for “older talent” who are committed to making their dreams become a reality. She and Michael Zakar have provided the personal attention to get my career off the ground. NINE9 as an “un-agency” offers services, educational tools & workshops and the personal touch not provided by other on-line talent websites (I belong to one of these and they had the same casting listing (HOC) but no word from them about pushing me through to get the part). You have real people you can meet with, learn from and improve your skills. I just attended a workshop on Auditioning Techniques for Film & TV by Mark McKinnon who was a wealth of information on what the casting directors are looking for – such critically helpful advice!

“Once again, THANK YOU for taking an interest in me – I intend to be one of your best success stories!”

Angelika Lorenz

Pamela Was Part of New York Fashion Week

Pamela M., Talent ID 100701
Pamela M., Talent ID 100701

“I’am so happy to be apart of Nine9.  In early June 2016, Nine9 had introduced me to “The Int’l Beautiful You Fashion Tour”, in which I took part in on Saturday, September 10th during Fashion Week.  It took place at the “Skyline Hotel NYC”.  This event lead me to be in a pre-show photo shoot for one of the designers I worked with during the weekend.  Photos will be magazine published in the November Edition for LH Couture VIP/ LaTony Hubbard.I’m very excited.  Thanks Nine9!”

You are welcome Pamela!  Nothing makes us happier than hear of the successes of our talent!

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