Verneshia Goes From Humble Beginnings To Bright Lights

Vernisha R., Talent ID 126356
Vernisha R., Talent ID 126356

“In the month of October, I went into Nine9 office with a dream and came out with a clarified notion. I wanted to explore my creative side and more. When I got accepted at the meeting a whole lot of pressure was uplifted but I knew this was only the beginning. Requested quickly in November, I got invited to a runway for the Dolphins sponsored by Walk Fashion Show. I attended the casting and ended up getting recruited with Bella’s Fashion. I love it. I am in the process of mastering my walk. December 3rd I got to walk on the runway at the Hard Rock Stadium. During this journey, I have meet the most extraordinary people in the industry upcoming and settled. I don’t think I would have tried different options if the agents in Nine9 talent company wouldn’t have pushed me. I thank god for my mom, Nine9 and the people I have met along the way. Also, Bella’s Fashion wants me titled as Miss Florida. Look for me on Insiders. Never know what the future holds. I am so grateful. I never thought I would be a runway model. I can feel this is my calling to prosper. Recently, I have been invited to act in a movie scene. I am so excited. Who would have known? I can’t wait for the upcoming events ‘2017’ has in store for me. THANK YOU NINE9 FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!!! Happy New Year!


Thanks Vernisha!  See her comp card here.

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