DC mom shares experience with Nine9!

“I originally signed up with Nine9 because I was tired of the callous and cold feel of the former agency that represented me. They would never answer my questions, never had substantial local jobs, made me feel small and it became frustratingly apparent that my business meant nothing to them. Once I met the staff at Nine 9, I just took the leap and signed up both myself and my 7-year-old, Tyler. Not only was I cast in several productions including Netflix’s House of Cards, but my son Tyler booked his very first commercial as the lead youth for an Under Armour /Port Covington campaign. All this happened within 2 months of us working with Nine 9. It’s amazing! Our Castings Department rep Victoria is the epitome of an absolute professional, answers all our questions and although we know she works with tons of other talent, she makes us feel as though it is personal and that makes all the difference. For my son Tyler’s recent shoot, he was treated like a little star, received free apparel and a very healthy pay/commission. He worked with a camera crew of about 10 people and even got the opportunity to fly a small drone camera after he wrapped. I could not have asked for a better organization to work with. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU GUYS AND DOLLS AT NINE 9!”

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