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Cali Shares Her Experience With a Nine9 Photographer

Cali C., Talent ID 129083
Cali C., Talent ID 129083

Since joining Nine9 a few months ago, I’ve learned a lot!  The Meet & Greet instructors have been awesome to share their knowledge and experience.  My photo shoot with Greg Daniels was AMAZING!  He and his staff were fantastic.  Now I’m seeing responses to my casting applications.  This is so exciting and I can’t wait to see where it leads.  Thank you Nine9.

Click here to see Cali’s comp card

Andrea Has Something To Say About Modeling…

Andrea R., Talent ID 128831
Andrea R., Talent ID 128831

My name is Andrea Ruano, I’m 17 and I am completely in love with modeling. I love to show my emotions and feelings through pictures. I love the idea of being able to express myself with a simple look or expression. I believe I can do great things and that I can accomplish a lot not only with my style but with my personality. I look forward to the experiences I will get through this journey and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me! I am ready and prepared for anything along the way.

You can see Andrea’s comp card here.


John Shares Some Words Of Encouragemant

John M., Talent ID 126848

Nine9 is the best thing that ever happened in my life it’s where I can go find wanted talent around the world and have fun and be myself when I was little other kids were taller than me they would call me shrimp or small fry but I told them wait and see I’ll be bigger than you so as life kept going i couldn’t find a way to make them see until I started dancing and now we are all best friends and I wanna keep dancing just to show a lot of other people that there’s a light at the end of the forest and just cause your small doesn’t mean you can’t do big things.”

Ashley Is Beginning to Live Her Dream!

Ashley H., Talent ID 118883

I have been working with Nine9 since February 2016. I did not know what to expect at first but fortunately I have a great support team in Dallas. Ever since joining Nine9 I have received so many emails and opportunities to be featured in many events and get exposure. My most favorite event I did was for the Beautiful You Fashion Tour in Dallas and Houston…  Thank you Nine9 for the best opportunity to make my dreams come true in this industry!

We could not be more excited for you Ashley!

See her Comp Card here.

Lashndra From Georgia Share Some Experience

Lashandra Talent ID # 120423

Lashandra was recently invited to be a part of the ‘Beautiful You Fashion Tour’  and this is what she had to say:

“I enjoyed this experience. It was my first time doing runway modeling and I thought I’d be timid and uncomfortable. Not only was I super comfortable, I nailed it! I’m looking forward to more opportunities like this. I found a “new love” thanks to Nine9″

Thank you Lausndra for sharing you wonderful experience with us!

See her Comp Card here.