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Atlanta’s Leslie Starts Her New Career Off Strong

Leslie S., Talent ID 128966
Leslie S., Talent ID 128966

“I’ve only been with Nine9 in Atlanta for two months and haven’t even had time to get my professional photos done.  But I’ve already been in two movies, I’ve gotten a call to be an extra on Queen Latifa’s new show Star and my daughter and nephews and I have made it to round 2 of the auditions for Chef Gordon Ramsey’s new cooking show.”

Click here to see Leslie’s comp card.

Laithan Has Been Very Busy

Laithan G., Talent ID 120025

Laithan from Nine9 Atlanta wrote to us and shared some of his experience since starting with NINE9dotcom.

“My name is Laithan Graham. I am a actor at Nine9, and within the first two to three months I have worked on the following- Office Christmas Party, Belk commercial, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Fast & Furious 8, and The Life of The Party! I have really enjoyed working with Nine9 they are such a big help with my career as an actor!”

Thanks Laithan! Nothing makes us happier than hearing the success of the great people we work with! You can see Laithan’s comp card here.

Lashndra From Georgia Share Some Experience

Lashandra Talent ID # 120423

Lashandra was recently invited to be a part of the ‘Beautiful You Fashion Tour’  and this is what she had to say:

“I enjoyed this experience. It was my first time doing runway modeling and I thought I’d be timid and uncomfortable. Not only was I super comfortable, I nailed it! I’m looking forward to more opportunities like this. I found a “new love” thanks to Nine9″

Thank you Lausndra for sharing you wonderful experience with us!

See her Comp Card here.

This Atlanta Talent is Well on His Way to Stardom

joshua-d-Nine9- testimonial
Joshua D., Talent ID 119479

I have taken acting and modeling classes over the years. In these courses I’ve learned how to become a better actor by training on how to read scripts and embrace my emotions. I’ve acted in some YouTube videos where I practice to become a better actor I have my own YouTube channel where I write, produce, and direct my own scripts. I will be releasing my first YouTube series in April. I’ve also gone to a few model work shops where I learned about runway modeling and some basic information about modeling, such as; the different types of modeling and how to become picture ready. I think by taking these courses I learned a lot that will help me in the entertainment industry in the long run. I will continue to learn as much as I can learn about acting and modeling.

We are  so excited to be working with you Joshua and cannot wait to see where your career will take you!

This is One Amazing Young Model

Trelexus S., Talent ID 122120

Hi, my name is Trelexus Strange.  I am officially a freshmen in college and I have experience modeling or taking photo shoots to see is this really my dream.  I knew I would get started somewhere to get where I got to go and this is it.  God is who I keep first in my life and if I didn’t have him , I wouldn’t be here today typing my Testimonial.  I am so excited that I did at least make it here, this is not the end…  Its just beginning.  Modeling and acting is something I want and love and I have to get there higher to show others this is my dream I love and I thank Nine9 for helping me get started!

You are so welcome Trelexus and we know that you are going to go far!

See her Comp Card here.

Taylor is Making It Happen

Taylor H., Talent ID 87370

After being with Nine9 for about a year I finally got involved in a Redken and Pureology Hair Show. It was definitely a whole lot of fun and I would do it all again especially with the group of people I met. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in Nine9. Never give up on your dreams no matter how big they are because you can pursue them and make them a reality! Thank you Nine9!!!

This Talent is Making it Work For Herself!

Katrina R., Talent ID 104916

I’ve been with Nine9 for a little over a month now and I can’t even begin to talk about all the great things. Thanks to Nine9 I have worked on Halt and Catch fire three times, Booked a three day gig for the new Spider-man movie as well as some awesome auditions for lead roles in short films. I get at least 3 jobs a week thanks to Nine9 and I am on my way to turning my passion for acting into a career!

A Month with Nine9 and Cassandra’s Career is Taking Off!!!

Cassandra E., Talent ID 121305

I have been with Nine 9 for a month now. And today 5/27/16, was my first video shoot. I was cast as a model/extra for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Mama Dee music video. This was a great learning experience and it was actually fun despite how nervous I was. I even met and networked at the event. Mama Dee was exactly what I expected, loud, fun and crazy but she was also a sweetheart and she fed the crew. I’m so ready to see what else Nine9 can bring my way!!!

Way to Cassandra!! We couldn’t be more excited for you!!!