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Zee from Boston, MA Shares Her Story

Zee Talent ID 126719

“I am so very happy to be with Nine9 the UnAgency in Boston MA. I receive working opportunities on a weekly basis, and I am Happy to say that I have been booked for Musical (Big Fish the Musical) . Thank You Nine9 for helping to make only a DREAM become REALITY. I look forward to doing much more. Again, I say THANK YOU!! Love To ALL”

You can see Zee’s comp card here.


Bianca Lands Gig With Major Department Store Chain

Bianca, Talent ID 120923

“This was Bianca first job and she had a great experience. She worked with a wide scope of professional people who made her feel comfortable and she simply forgot (for a minute) she was on an assignment. She would love to work with K-Mart and their team in the future and any modeling job adventures that Nine9 send her way.

We can’t thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful experience.”

Thank you so much!  Above all, hearing about the success that our talent experiences is what makes us go!

See Bianca Comp Card here.

Ja’lee is Getting a Jump Start on Her Dreams

Ja’lee S., Talent ID 119164

Ja’lee-Rosemarie has been with Nine9 for a couple of months and her experience with you guys has been wonderful! She was requested for a photo shoot for the New York Doll Collection to model with the dolls and also the doll accessories. Her experience was absolutely amazing and she had a blast working with the dolls. Thank you Nine9, we rate you with 5 stars. You guys are the best!

Thank you Ja’lee!  We look forward to watching your progress!

Check out her Comp Card here.